Case Studies

Problem: A common request I get from clients who want to improve their portfolio storytelling is: Can you share any examples?

Solution: I created these video case studies! They showcase portfolio sites by creatives who use storytelling in interesting and effective ways. They also show the kind of feedback my clients can expect to receive when working with me.

Note: I started this 30-Second Scroll series in early 2022, when I was working with both artists and designers, creating under the brand name Artglish. Since then, I have rebranded and focused my work on helping designers with their job search. I’m currently planning a reboot of this video series, and I hope to share more videos before the end of 2023.

Should I speak up in groups or stay silent?

Should I speak up in groups or stay silent?

How many times have you sat through an entire meeting and not spoken a single word? It's pretty boring, isn't it? I know some people would rather not participate because they don't think their ideas are important enough or they feel anxious if they speak up. They'd...