Curriculum Portfolio

Conversation Keys online course

I developed an online conversation course to teach non-native English speakers how to make small talk and improve their critique skills. One section of this course is offered free on the Teachable site as a preview. I used Adobe CS: Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to make the videos and the workbook.

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Curriculum examples for university English (ESL) course

These are a few examples of the kinds of materials I developed for my courses as a university professor. I created these lessons and activities to align with the textbook we were using, Interchange Intro, using Microsoft Word. The lesson format shows how I outlined the overall flow of the class that I taught with another instructor. The presentation assignment and rubric are an example of a weekly homework project and assessment. The quiz is another weekly assessment. I created the teacher’s guide to explain how to use a piece of software to the other instructors that I supervised. Many more examples are available upon request.



Academic Dishonesty e-learning course

This project also shows my ability to design and execute an e-learning course from start to finish. I researched and authored the content, created the animations in GoAnimate, and developed the activities as a self-assessment for the students. I designed the website to be used within the school’s existing Moodle site.

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Master’s thesis project

I created this handbook to help English (ESL) teachers wanting to include more technology into their lessons. I designed it using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.


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