What types of coaching do I offer?

I provide two main services, Portfolio Storytelling Reviews and Private Coaching.

I also offer a Portfolio Storytelling Workbook for those who prefer the DIY approach.

Looking for another kind of support? Email me and we can find a solution together.

How will communication coaching benefit you?

Job offers, praise from coworkers, more successful meetings, and increased confidence are all benefits reported by my past clients.

How will communication coaching benefit you?

Job offers, praise from coworkers, more successful meetings, and increased confidence are all benefits reported by my past clients.

Learn to tell your portfolio story so you can feel seen, connect with your audience, and show your unique value.

Gain the confidence to interview, apply for a new opportunity, or present your work with less stress and more passion.

Receive feedback that is encouraging and easy to implement from a coach who understands art and design.

Get ESL help with intonation, grammar, or understanding the culture of the U.S. as you prepare to share your work.


Step 1: Zoom Chat

Step 2: Workbook & Feedback Video

Step 3: Feedback in Hypothesis with Checklist

Step 4: Revisions

Jessica did a fantastic job walking through my website and providing an unbiased, outsider’s view on how others might experience my website. She provided clear, actionable feedback on improvements that I might make, all in easy to understand and kind language. I never felt criticized or felt like the efforts I had put into my site were devalued.

– Kristin


My main concern was that I wouldn’t get my money’s worth if I enrolled for virtual coaching. In the end though, I can confidently say that every penny that I spent was worth it.


Private Coaching

If your speaking skills aren’t what you want them to be, I can share my expertise to help you build your confidence. I also offer writing feedback to help you tell your story in a clear and convincing way. All my coaching packages come with tips to help you avoid common mistakes and prepare before we meet.

  • Presentation Prep
  • Interview Prep
  • Application Essays
  • Resumes/Cover letters



  • In-person Zoom sessions: $50/hour
  • Asynchronous video exchange: $50/hour
  • Written feedback: $65 per full page with 3 rounds of revision

If you’d like to get a quote for your specific situation, just email me and I’ll give you some options! I also offer discounts on multi-session packages.


Portfolio Storytelling Workbook

If you prefer to DIY, this guide will help you write your portfolio story step by step.

  • Discover how to stand out and show your unique value
  • Tell your story confidently
  • Engage your audience


What’s included?

This workbook builds off of my free email series but includes additional support to help you describe your work in a way that is personal, professional, and unique.

  • Reflection questions
  • Writing exercises
  • Tips
  • Checklists
  • Examples


How is this different from all the other portfolio advice?

I’ve used my expertise and experience as a communication coach to break down the complex task of storytelling into manageable steps. I designed it to help creatives solve the problems I typically see in my portfolio storytelling reviews and support them through the journey from start to finish.

I just wanted to say thank you for the Portfolio Storytelling Workbook. It has helped me immensely in crafting a solid portfolio case study and I’ve even applied some of the approaches when making presentations. I found the checklist to be extremely helpful and I am thrilled to say that my portfolio was getting looks from hiring managers which led to a handful of interviews as well. I gave your workbook 5 stars because it was an excellent source for crafting compelling case studies with the audience in mind for my portfolio.


Want to chat about your options?

I invite everyone interested in coaching to begin with a free 30-minute Zoom chat, so I can answer any questions you may have. I’ll give you a few general suggestions, and you can get a feel for my coaching style. If it seems like a good fit, we can discuss the next steps to get you closer to your goals. If you’re not sure which service is best for you, let’s chat!


What if I’m not satisfied?

If at any point in the process you feel you are not getting the kind of help you need, you may cancel your remaining sessions and receive a refund.

How do I pay?

I accept payments through Paypal or Venmo. I’m also happy to send an invoice if you prefer. Payments must be made before any feedback is given.

Who else have I helped?

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Many international students learned how to express themselves confidently and describe their work clearly in my classes at the Academy of Art University and the California College of the Arts. I guided students from over 20 different majors, from Animation to Web Design, during my five years as an Instructor.

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Professional designers from companies such as Yelp, Google, and Uber have sought me out for help with their communication skills when writing portfolio stories or preparing for interviews, presentations, and meetings.

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I’ve also given storytelling workshops for professional art and design organizations such as AIGA, Artspan, and the Maker Faire.