PLR Sneak Peek

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So, what is a Portfolio Language Review, anyway?

The PLR is a feedback package that will help you to make your portfolio language clearer and more compelling. It will allow you to share your work more effectively, so your audience can understand your vision and your employer can appreciate your value. It will help you to improve the way you describe your work and your process, which is the key starting point for good interviews, presentations, or marketing your work in the future. The PLR includes a highlights video, a language report, and detailed comments in a program called Hypothesis.


Highlights Video

In the Highlights Video, I’ll give you some general comments about what’s working and what isn’t. Here’s an example of the kind of video you’ll receive.

Language Report

You’ll also receive a detailed language report with specific suggestions about how to improve your content, help you write for a specific audience, and create good visual hierarchy. I’ll even include mock-ups to show you how my proposed changes would look. This is useful for artists that might not know a lot about design flow. It’s also useful for designers to have a second set of eyes checking to see if the flow is working for the viewer. Here’s an example of what the report will look like. Click to open the PDF.


Hypothesis Comments

Finally, I’ll leave detailed comments on your portfolio site using the Hypothesis tool. They are completely private, and this is where I’ll give specific suggestions for how to improve your portfolio language. If your portfolio is not yet online – no problem. I can easily annotate a PDF or other document instead.

Here’s a demo of the Hypothesis tool.



Ok, I’m interested. Now what?

If you’d like to know more or you’re still not sure the PLR is right for you, let’s chat! Send me an email with a link to your portfolio site, and we can set up a free 15-minute video call to discuss any questions or concerns you might have. I’ll give you a quote and a few general suggestions, and you can get a feel for my coaching style. No pressure – let’s just see if it feels like a good fit. I’d love to check out your work!