Portfolio Storytelling Review

Jess at her computer

What is a Portfolio Storytelling Review?

Not a traditional portfolio review. I’ll give feedback on your storytelling approach in your About section and case studies. I do not give feedback on your work itself.

  • Asynchronous coaching package
  • Tell your unique story for a specific audience
  • Improve the way you describe yourself, your projects, and your process

If you’re struggling to describe your work effectively or don’t know what to write at all, I’m here to help. Below is a breakdown of the PSR process.

Step 1: Zoom Chat

    • Begin with a 30-minute Zoom chat
    • Help me understand your goals, your audience, and your work
Jess taking notes
Jess taking notes

Jessica did a fantastic job walking through my website and providing an unbiased, outsider’s view on how others might experience my website. She provided clear, actionable feedback on improvements that I might make, all in easy to understand and kind language. I never felt criticized or felt like the efforts I had put into my site were devalued.

– Kristin