On Fridays, we go live! Today, I’m talking about the Kyle Goen print of Harriet Tubman that we discussed on Video Monday.


This 70-foot-long mural was painted in Manhattan, NYC, in March 2018, and it protests the imprisonment of the Turkish-Kurdish artist and journalist Zehra Dogan, who was sentenced last March for painting the destruction of a predominantly Kurdish town, with Turkey’s flag flying over rubble.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 3.41.26 PM.png



Yoko Ono:
This is the first song that John Lennon released without the Beatles. Yoko Ono, who was a peace activist, co-wrote it. It became a huge part of the anti-war movement during the Vietnam war.




Invited by The Armory Show, JR’s “So Close,” presented by Artsy and Jeffrey Deitch at the entry to Pier 94, NYC, faces us with a line of immigrants, waiting. The archival image from Ellis Island is updated with Syrians’ portraits JR took at the Zaatari refugee camp. This was also displayed in March 2018.



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