Portfolio Storytelling Workbook


A step-by-step guide for creatives

When you write about the work in your portfolio...

  • Are you struggling to fit in instead of letting your unique self stand out?
  • Wondering how you can tell your story?
  • Wishing you could connect with your audience?

These are the problems I most frequently see when I do portfolio language reviews. I created this workbook to help artists and designers write about their work more easily.

How do I tell my story?

Everyone talks about the importance of storytelling when sharing your work, but they don't often explain the steps needed to make that happen. This workbook will take you through the writing journey step-by-step to help you change your mindset and tell a story that is uniquely yours.

The Portfolio Journey

You'll transition through these seven steps during your journey to a better portfolio:

  1. The problem
  2. The myth
  3. Your truth
  4. Your story
  5. Your audience
  6. Your credibility
  7. Your solution

This workbook builds off of the ideas in my free email series but includes additional support with reflection questions, writing exercises, tips, checklists, and plenty of examples to help you describe your portfolio in a way that is personal, professional, and unique.


"I just wanted to say thank you for the Portfolio Writing Workbook. It had helped me immensely in crafting a solid portfolio case study and I've even applied some of the approaches when making presentations. I found the checklist to be extremely helpful and I am thrilled to say that my portfolio was getting looks from hiring managers which led to a handful of interviews as well. I gave your workbook 5 stars because it was an excellent source for crafting compelling case studies with the audience in mind for my portfolio."

- Michael Tran

About the author

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Hi! I'm Jessica Gardner, a communication coach for artists and designers. I can help you write about your work in a way that tells your unique story and helps you connect with your audience.

I've been helping creatives share their work more passionately since 2012, and I developed this workbook to help solve the most common problems I see with new clients who are trying to improve their portfolio writing. If you struggle with writing about your work, the exercises in this workbook can be your ticket to better career opportunities!

Inside the Workbook

  • Reflection questions
  • Examples
  • Tips
  • Writing exercises
  • Checklists


Why should I buy this product now?

If you're tired of procrastinating on your portfolio writing, this workbook will help you take direct action to ensure that you have the right content, professional style, and an impressive layout.

How is this different from all the other portfolio advice I've seen?

Most portfolio advice is given by artists and designers. They know what kind of projects you should include in a portfolio, for sure. But they aren't language teachers. I've used my expertise and experience as a communication coach to create a guide that breaks these complex writing tasks down into manageable steps to support you through the journey of telling your portfolio story.


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